Saturday, 4 October 2014

cake day


How are you?

Just today talked about my beginning-hullo with my friend and I didn't actually know what for I keep using it, I think it's just 'cause I like it and it's a little weird in a good way, which is always good!

We had a small cake party today with my old (and atm) classmates. It was so much fun, as always with these favourite girls! One of us brought Red Velvet cake which was sooo delicious, another one brought mudcake, one brought candies and two took care of cookies. So as it sounds, yummy!
We also baked a cake at my place. It didn't turn out like it was supposed to be, but it looked pretty/funny and tasted good enough and atleast was an experiment!

 Yesterday we had a 'sauna night' a my friend's place, we went to their hot thub and their sauna by the lake, had so much fun also then! You know, we so often forget to appreciate the people around us. I hope that you my dear friends know I love you, and you over there I want to thank you for reading this far!

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Yummy <3


  2. Awhh this all looks so delicious. I'm hungry right now. Hope you had a great time. Keep up the good work.



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