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6 places you hadn't thought about going to


Hope you've had a lovely week!
I've been scrolling trough all my photos. There are about 20 000 of them and all the time more and more come out of nowhere, so it's a never ending job! But it is a nice job, they bring up many lovely memories!
Most of the photos are taken from our travels. They gave me an idea to share my experiences from the places I've been to and the things that I've seen. I hope you like these travel-themed posts and find them useful. Atleast I've lately found all kinds of travel blogs really useful when looking for information about other coutries - you find a lot more information and it's a lot more personal! My favorites at the moment are World of Wanderlust and Guten Blog Y'all, remember to check them out! I wanted to start this wanderlusting with making a list of places which are not so well known, but definitely should be. So here it goes:


Toivottavasti teillä oli ihana viikko!
Olen selaillut kaikkia kuviani läpi. Niitä on noin 20 000 ja lisää tulee koko ajan jostain esiin, tuntuu että ne ei lopu ikinä! Mutta tosi mieluistahan hommaa se on, tulee ihania muistoja mieleen kaikista!
Suurin osa kuvista on matkoilta otettu. Ne sai mut ajattelemaan että oisi ihanaa jakaa teidän kanssa mun kokemuksia ja mielipiteitä paikoista joissa olen ollut ja asioista joita olen nähnyt. Toivottavasti ne on teillekkin mieluisia lukea ja niistä oisi jotain hyötyä! Itse ainakin olen koko ajan enemmän ja enemmän innostunut matkustusblogeista, niistä löytää niin paljon enemmän tietoa ja se tieto on paljon persoonallisempaa. Omia lemppareitani on tällä hetkellä World of Wanderlust ja Guten Blog Y'all, käykää vilkasemassa!
Päätin aloittaa tämän kaukokaipuustani postaamisen teemällä listan paikoista jotka eivät ole kovin suosittuja turistikohteita, mutta ansaitsisi parikin pykälää korkeamman sijoituksen matkakohdelistalla:

Gorge du Verdon, France

Gorge Du Verdon is a small lake in Southern France. The water is clear and turquoise and since the lake's not big, the water is also really warm. There are many activities that you can do here: you can rent a canoe or a pedal boat with a slide or just swim or enjoy at the beach. There are also a few lunch places (you can't really call them restaurants) and kiosks. You do get everything you need from there, but don't hold your hopes too high. The food doesn't matter though, because the nature is gorgeous. There's a beautiful canal between the rocks, small waterfalls and cliffs where you an jump from. I didn't go that far since I skipped the renting, but instead I swam to the other side of the lake - which wasn't too far, and over there you feel like you could swim forever. Just take a waterproof camera with you! I'd lo ve to go there again, I still have the waterfalls and cliff jumping on my bucketlist!

Heidelberg, Germany

This is atually getting more famous, and for a reason. As you can see, Heidelberg is gorgeous. It's a town in Southern Germany, mostly known for it's University and the Heidelberg castle -definitely worth seeing! The town is beautiful and full of culture And shops And restaurants. You'll find pretty much everything you're looking for from the shopping street and you'll have a lovely day walking around the cute little and not so little streets.

Neidenstein, Germany

So when you're already in Heidelberg, don't miss the chance of going to Neidenstein - it's a village next to Heidelberg. My German friend, Ani, is from there so that's how I got to know this beautiful place. If you can, visit the place during their village celbration, which is in October (but no, it's not October fest). On top of a hill there is a lovely small castle  where you can see this great view over the village and the magical-looking garden yard of the castle.

Budapest & Lake Balaton, Hungary

Hungary is way underrestimated as a tourist destination. Budapest is rather known (for a reason: it's beautiful, rich of culture plus a great place for shopping) but lake Balaton should get some of the fame as well. The water's turquoise blue and not salty, and the view with all the sailboats is amazing. The lake is located about couple hours away from Budabest, but you should take the time and find a bus or some vehicle to see this gorgeous lake of Hungary.

Eskişehir, Turkey

I ended up in here on a a school trip (I made a post about my trip in my older blog) and had a great week. They only problem was that finding postcards was almost impossible! It's about 4 hours away from Ankara and it's located in the inland so it isn't a popular tourist destination, but that's also a part of the reason why it is so likeable. You can really see Turkish culture over there, except that I have say that it is pretty western place these days.
Eskisehir has a lot of things to see: the old town with it's colorful houses, the market place, the mosques, all these gorgeous bridges, lots of good restaurants, a lovely shopping street with many small and cheap clothing stores and a few huge shopping centers.

Helsinki, Finland 


Okay, I had to put this here. NOT just because I live in Finland and I love Helsinki, but because it is a wonderful and interesting town. It's lovely in the spring and summer, beautiful in the Fall when all the leaves have turned orange and red, and magical at Christmas time. Some most famous monuments in Helsinki are the Temppelinaukion kirkko (the ''rock church''), Kauppatori (market place), Kauppahalli (market hall) and Tuomiokirkko (cathedral), Esplanadi (the main street just next to the harbor). Also the town hall as well as the presidents castle are located by Esplanadi, so almost everything is packed in this small area. If you go a bit further, you'll see lots of other beautiful streets which are sights just by them selves. The architeture is old and beautiful. About shopping I do have to warn you, there are many shopping malls and a shopping street but the prices are pretty high!

Have you been in any of these places? Or do you have some other not-so-well-known favorites? I'd love hear all about them!

I'm off to start my Fall break with the new Ben & Jerry's, have a lovely weekend honeys!

Ootteko ollut jossain näistä paikoista? Taikka onko teillä joitain omia maailmalta salassa pidettyjä lempparikohteita? Oisi ihana kuulla teidän ajatuksia!

Minäpä tästä lähden syyslomaa aloittamaan uuden Ben & Jerry's maun kanssa, ihanaa viikonloppua!

Love, Anna


 P.S. Exchange year update: It seems that after all I'm going to Latin America! I'm so excited that I feel like sitting infront of the mailbox until the confirmation letter comes from YFU! (yes the plans have changed a lot and yes there is a lot more to tell, later ;)
Vaihtaripäivitys: Taidan olla menossa Latinalaiseen Amerikkaan! Oon niin innoissani että voisin napata tyynyn mukaan ja muuttaa postilaatikon eteen odottamaan vahvistuskirjettä YFU:lta! (jep suunnitelmat on muuttunut aikalailla ja jep on paljon kerrottavaa, sitten myöhemmin ;)

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