Monday, 25 November 2013

battle time

Hullo guys,

How are you? Another Monday is over and the Christmas is getting closer! I can't believe that on Sunday is time for the first window of the advent calendar!

I should finally start Christmas shopping and figuring out what to give to my friends and family. But I'd also save something from my budget for these... Thinking of my budget, I can't have everything I want, so I'll need to decide between my options. So I'd really like your help in this, let me know what  you think?

Cheap Monday - Second Skin Very Strech Onewa       vs.        Doctor Denim - Kissy

                         Pieces - Dalinda Necklace                        vs.           Pieces - Duffy Necklace

Superdry - Appliqué Off Set          vs.     Superdry - Hockey

 vs.   Superdry - 45 JPN Offset

Superdry - Warriors   vs.   Superdry - (lost the name ;)

Zoey M. - Mint jumpsuit                 vs.         Zoey M. Dark Blue jumpsuit


         Andiamo - An Shari, 129€            vs.      River Island - Chain Calf Biker, 94,95€

I found everything - except the shoes - at Oneway, it seriously was the best place to work at, I just wish that everything would have been free for the people working there...
I've been looking for a gold statement necklace for along time, so these necklaces hanging at the store really caught my eye!
I love tight jeans, so I really liked the Cheap Monday's second skin- jeans and Dr. Denims jeans/jeggins . And while folding the Superdry clothes, I saw how super soft they are! I just need to have some, they're So. Soft! The brand should be called Supersoft!
I've been thinking about buying a jumpsuit for a long time already, because it's perfect for the lazy days and after ski! But the real One Piece is a bit too expensive, so the Zoey M. version was perfect,.I just can't decide which color?
And last but not least, the shoes. I'm in desperate need of winter shoes, so I really have to decide soon. I almost bought Andiamo's shoes last week, but at the moment I'm back with the River Island ones.
So, help is needed!
Have a great week!
Love, Anna



Saturday, 23 November 2013

lazy day

Howdy people,

The week at Stockmann went way too fast! I really enjoyed it, I wish I could have stayed there longer... It was a great place to work for many reasons:

-they really took care of us "interns"

-the part I worked, One Way, had great music

-and great clothes

-and great workers


Which meant that almost all the best stores we have in Finland (Ginatricot might be the only one missing, plus of course Gilly Hicks and Victoria's Secret and Stradivarius and Hollister and Bershka and Pimkie and all the other favorites what we don't have here up North..), which meant that we got to do some shopping and eat ice cream <3 One of my best friends was also working there, and even thought we didn't see much while working, we had great time at Lunch and after work.

On Thursday we and our another best friend went to see The Hunger Games - Catching Fire. I really liked it! I think that HG is maybe the best book saga, and also maybe the best movie based on a book. Of course it can never be exactly the same, but HG is really close!

Yesterday a friend of ours had a birthday party, I love my girls so much and it was so much fun! You can't even guess how much you can laugh during one evening!

Today I'm going to spend at home. This is my lazy day. But I already went to orchestra practise, to the grocery store and a handicraft store to buy stuff for Christmas cards, ironed something for my mom and pictured my new ins! I'm actually proud of my self, this is a huge accomplishment. ;)

So here are everything what I've bought last weekend and during this week:

A dress for Christmas from Bik Bok

A loose cardigan from Bik Bok

A tight and a super loose shirt (dress!), both from Bik Bok

t-shirt from Only, the cover which I got for free with this shirt from Vero Moda

wallet (I'm not a skull girl but first is a first) and magic gloves (I really need them for using iPhone!) from Glitter

The bag I had been checking out the whole week in One Way and finally decided to buy it, Friis & Company

iPhone stickers from Bik Bok

Now playing a suggestion of my friend, Foo Fighters - Arlandria

As you see, I really like Bik Bok..

So, here I am spending my lazy day in my lazy clothes in my room. I got the hoodie as a birthday present from Ani (the German girl who lived with us for a year) and her family, I love it and I always wear it when I want something loose and warm. The wool socks are made by my grandma, who actually is just coming here.

I hope that you'll have a great weekend!

Love, Anna

Monday, 18 November 2013


Salut mes cheries,
I think that I'll start blogging by telling something about myself. So here are some facts:
1. As you know, I'm a 15 years old girl from Finland.
2. I'm a 100% Finn and my only mother tongue is Finnish, but I've learned English from a German girl, Ani, who lived with us for a year, and our American friends who have visited us (and of course in school). I make soo many mistakes but I refuse to give up, so because I love the language and I'm trying to get better all the time, so you'll have to stand my mistakes ;)
3. I also speak some French and Swedish and a little bit of Spanish.
4. I was on a French language course this summer in Riviera. I really got what I was promised - the summer of my life.
5. I dance. It's more than just a hobby - it's a life style.
6. I play violin.
7. I play tennis.
8. I love music. Right now some of my favourite songs are Mr. Brightside, Elastic Heart and Hey Brother.
9. I'm a perfectionist (does NOT mean that I'd do anything perfectly) but I've also learned to take life more easy.
10. I hate to follow the mainstream, but sometimes what I want is mainstream so no can do.
11. I'm spending this week working at Stockmann ( the biggest department store in Finland) in Jumbo ( a big shopping mall near my place), because we have a 'getting familiar with work life' -week. The first day was so much fun, I didn't even want to go home!
12. I love traveling more than anything (excluding my friends and family).
13. Music, shopping, fashion, movies and books are also in my top 10. Oh I mentioned music already... Well never mind it deserves that.
14. I have a big sister, who's turning 19 next month.
15. I had some troubles with deciding what to wear on my first day of work, so I decided to go with something really comfy and basic.
16. I'm borrowing my parents camera but I decided to finally buy my own this week.
Have a great week!
Love, Anna

Sunday, 17 November 2013


Well hello world.
I'm a 15 years old girl from Finland. I started blogging about two years ago, but after this summer I just didn't find the time or motivation to post anymore. More and more time has gone since I last wrote anything, and I've started to miss it. So I decided to start again.
I thought about using my old blog, but so much has happened and I've changed and I just needed to have a fresh start, so here I am. HEP comes from " paikoillainne, valmiit, hep!" , which is the finnish way of saying "ready, steady, GO!" and that was the best possible word I found to describe my mood at the moment. A fresh start. Exactly what I need.
And all of you who have ever written blogs know how hard it is to come up with a great name. Of course I didn't succeed. But I like the word 'dunno' because it sounds and looks funny, and also because ' I don't know' is exactly me.  I don't know. But I don't care, I love it!
So if you feel like I do or like my posts or know me or whatever your reason (very unlikely) might be, feel free to follow me. I hope that I can inspire you even a little bit, like everything inspires me.
No hei maailma.
Olen 15-vuotias tyttö Suomesta. Aloitin bloggaamisen noin kaksi vuotta sitten, mutta kesän jälkeen en enää löytänyt aikaa tai innostusta postailla. Yhä enemmän aikaa on kulunut siitä kun viimeksi kirjoitin blogiini mitään, ja olen alkanut ikävöidä sitä. Joten päätin aloittaa uudestaan.
Mietin vanhan blogini käyttämistä, mutta niin paljon kaikkea on tapahtunut ja olen muuttunut ja tartvitsin uuden alun, joten tässä sitä ollaan. HEP oli paras mahdollinen sana kuvaamaan tämän hetkistä olotilaani. Uusi alku - ah.
Ja kaikki te, jotka olette joskus blogia kirjoittanut, tiedätte miten hankalaa hyvän nimen keksiminen on. Tietenkään en onnistunut. Mutta pidän sanasta 'dunno' ( lyhenne englannin kielen sanoista I don't know) koska se kuulostaa ja näyttää hauskalta, ja myös koska 'En tiedä' on mua parhaiten kuvaavat sanat. En tiedä. Mutta ei haittaa!
Eli jos samaistut ajatuksiini tai tykkäät postauksistani tai mistä tahansa (epätodennäköisestä) syystä, seuraa rauhassa. Toivottavasti inspiroin sua edes vähän, niin kuin kaikki inspiroi mua.
Lots of love from Finland,