Monday, 18 November 2013


Salut mes cheries,
I think that I'll start blogging by telling something about myself. So here are some facts:
1. As you know, I'm a 15 years old girl from Finland.
2. I'm a 100% Finn and my only mother tongue is Finnish, but I've learned English from a German girl, Ani, who lived with us for a year, and our American friends who have visited us (and of course in school). I make soo many mistakes but I refuse to give up, so because I love the language and I'm trying to get better all the time, so you'll have to stand my mistakes ;)
3. I also speak some French and Swedish and a little bit of Spanish.
4. I was on a French language course this summer in Riviera. I really got what I was promised - the summer of my life.
5. I dance. It's more than just a hobby - it's a life style.
6. I play violin.
7. I play tennis.
8. I love music. Right now some of my favourite songs are Mr. Brightside, Elastic Heart and Hey Brother.
9. I'm a perfectionist (does NOT mean that I'd do anything perfectly) but I've also learned to take life more easy.
10. I hate to follow the mainstream, but sometimes what I want is mainstream so no can do.
11. I'm spending this week working at Stockmann ( the biggest department store in Finland) in Jumbo ( a big shopping mall near my place), because we have a 'getting familiar with work life' -week. The first day was so much fun, I didn't even want to go home!
12. I love traveling more than anything (excluding my friends and family).
13. Music, shopping, fashion, movies and books are also in my top 10. Oh I mentioned music already... Well never mind it deserves that.
14. I have a big sister, who's turning 19 next month.
15. I had some troubles with deciding what to wear on my first day of work, so I decided to go with something really comfy and basic.
16. I'm borrowing my parents camera but I decided to finally buy my own this week.
Have a great week!
Love, Anna


  1. I love how you house looks like! :)
    Such a nice blog, good luck :)

  2. Love your house.
    Want to follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin, FB or Twitter? Love
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