Saturday, 20 June 2015


 Happy Midsummer!
That's propably the most important celebration right after Christmas in Finland, and it sure is happy! It includes lovely traditions like lighting up a bonfire, eating well, and swimming in the lake next to the summer cottage. And also a lot of drinking for most people, heh. This midsummer me and my family - minus my sister who had gone South to celebrate - went to our family friends summer cottage with our other family friend. So we had a nice group of friends there! I didn't "throw away my winter fur" -as we Finns call the first swim in the lake/sea of the summer- just yet but made a promise to do it the next time I'll be at cottage!
/ Hyvää Juhannusta! Toivottavasti kaikki piditte hauskaa muttette liian hauskaa! Melko hyvinhän tämän vuotinen juhla taisi sujua ainakin uutisten mukaan! :P Juhannus on kyllä ihan lempi juhliani, kokon polttaminen ja kunnolla syöminen ja talviturkin heitto kuulostaa oikein hyvältä omaan korvaani. Talviturkki tosin jäi tselläni vielä päälle, mutta lupaan ja vannon että ensi kerralla mökillä se lähtee! Tänä juhannuksena olimme perheen kanssa - miinus Helsinkiä pakoon Hankoon lähtenyt siskoni - perhetuttujemme mökillä toisen ystäväperheemme kanssa - mukava Juhannus mukavassa seurassa!

Our Midsummer group, my mom's the one behind the camera

"flame-baked" salmon - yum!
The setting and the view of our midsumemr lunch

It was exactly as good as it looks!

"Kippis" for Midsummer!

Lunch lunch lunch

The weather forecast told us to prepare for rain, but we got to enjoy afternoon coffee at the beach after all!

I kind of love this Finnish summer view

Blackcurrant-vanilla the, blueperrypie muffin and white chocolate covered cocolate treats plus my got-to-have espadrilles from H&M and my new favorite skirt which was a birthday present from my friend who brought it from India!

There they are, waving for us kids

Enjoyed my naptime

Open fire, yes please!

Could have this view every day please

Putting up the flag

The famous "huussi", the kind of toilet that is used at summer cottages (don't expect to find porcelin or running water there)

The blue and white flag

The moms did it!

barbequed scallops

romaine salas, melon and cheese for starters

Cheers once again!

Grileld lamb and filled tomatoes and fresh potatoes

caramelized strawberry, banana and nectarine for dessert - I went back for more twice!

And there's the bonfire, we didn't have our own this year but the neighbours had a pretty one!

... and someone across the lake had a little bit bigger one!

Midsummer magic! You need to collect seven different flowers and put them under your pillow so you'll have dreams of your future husband!

These kind of nights <3

Didn't sleep of anyone this time, but maybe next year!

Didn't mind accidently waking up at 4:30 am when the view was like this!

 If you didn't realize it from the pictures I'll put it in words;  Finland would be the best place to travel to during midsummer! (the Friday & Saturday between the 20th and 26th of June - in Finland the main celebration is on the eve, Friday!) Althought you have to prepared for the fact that all the stores are closed and most of the cities as well - summer cottages are the place to go! Some towns do have their own bonfires and celebration though. But if you know a family with a summer cottage that you could visit, book your plaane tickets now! Have a lovely weekend everyone!
/ Kyllähän nämä maisemat houkuttaa varmasti itse kutakin, ainakin oma lemppari aikani vuodesta ja lemppari paikka maailmassa viettää tätä aikaa! Ihanaa viikonlopun jatkoa!

Love, Anna

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