Thursday, 18 December 2014

DIY Last minute Christmas Gift - Peppermint Bodyscrub

Hullo Honeys!

Now we're really close to Christmas! But I can't be the only one who still has some presents to buy and make, right? I think that it is a every year tradition to get the present stress some time of the month! But I'd like to get rid of that tradition and help you get rid of it too, so I'll share this simple and lovely last minute christmas present idea. It's perfect for girl friends or moms or whoever lady in your giftlist, or why not for a guy as well who prefers his skin soft.
The only things you should actually go to store for (if you're an ordinary person with the basic ingredients in the kitchen already, if you're a person like me a.k.a. someone who's always missing flour or something important, check the full list) are glass jars with lids, peppermint essential oil and candy canes. And this is rather fast to make, so it's the perfect present to make on the last day!
I found this idea on Popsugar and made my version f it almost absolutely the same, thank you person behind it!

What you'll need:
4 cups of sugar
1+ cup olive oil (or almond oil/ sunflower oil) 
About 15 candycanes
20-40 drops peppermint essential oil
Glass jar(s) with lids
 + a bowl and spoon for mixing (and a sushi stick if your glass jars are thin) 
 This makes about 4 cups body scrub, I got 7 tiny bottles, and this takes about 20 minutes plus the putting to the jar- part.

1. Crush the candycanes until they're almost powder. It's easiest to do inside a plastic bag so the pieces don't fly all aorund the kitchen.

2. Pour the sugar into a bowl (to a different one than the candycanes!) and make sure there aren't any crumbs.

3.Add the olive oil (that's the best choice when thinking about skin amd doesn't smell as storng as almond oil, but the other oils work just as well) and mix. The mixture shouldn't be too oily but still wet enough, so add just less or more than a cup, depending on what it looks like. You can try the oiliness also with your hands.
4. Add the peppermint essential oil, enough to make it smell good but not too strong.

5. Mix the whole thing and start putting it to the jar with a spoon. If your jar is very thin, you can try to make it more condensed by pressing it with a sushi stick. Haha that's the way I did it :D
6. Make thin layers wiht the candycane-powder between the sugarmixture, I did two of them in the jar. The powder isn't the actual scrub so don't overdose it!

7. Pack the jar nicely and maybe add a note saying the ingredients and how to use it ( I mentioned that shower or someplace other where you can rinse and dry it well) and voila you're done!

Hopefully you and the receiver will like this!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Anna


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