Monday, 7 July 2014

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This summer has gone soo fast! Well the time flies when you have fun, right? I've definitely had fun and hopefully you too! Here's an update of what I've been upto lately, what have you guys been doing?

On the second last school week we nineth graders went to Särkänniemi amusement park

And we had a class tournament (so we were the 'a-class girls obviously)

The school year was finalised with 9th graders dance

And on the graduation day we celebrated a little of the ending of my secondary school and mostly the graduation of my sister. We baked a lot and had about 100 guests coming so everything got eaten!

The holiday started with my school friends at Montturock, a free music event in my Town

Huge news! They opened a Burger King in Tuusula! So of course we had to go celebrate the opening 

Me and my skating friend Aino went to the Magnum event where designed our own ice creams 

I was 'tutoring' on a confirmation camp in Hungary with these other guys (one missing tought)

At the end of the camp we went to Budapest to visit sights and do some shopping

Our group was soo lovely!

On 17th of June I turned sixteen!

So I celebrated it with really simply with my friends

I spent a weekend at our summer cottage

Where we also celebrated midsummer, with the traditional bonfire

I stayed a few days at my grandparents where we tried baking different kinds of rubarb pies, yum!

On the confirmation day I went to help to the church and celebrate our 'little ones' with my graduation dress and green eye shadow for a change

Me & Kristiina went to Järvenpää to eat chinese buffet in Kin sushi, it was so good!

Me and my classmate met with our own confirmation camp friend in Helsinki  and ate a great salad buffet in cafe Jugend, I really recommend!

After that we went to see the transformers 4 with our classmate. I've also been to the movies to see Divergent & Maleficent with my friends, and of course did some shopping as well...

Last weekend was Summer Up! The biggest urban music festival in Finland

Happy festival life
dress - H&M

We tried this bull rodeo thing! Was so much fun, I stayed over there for 10 secs

On the second day we got more company and even better artistist plus this purple party thing ~ even more fun!

We saw the best Finnish (plus Sean Paul and Tinie Tempah) artists from the first rows

On Sunday we had a picnic in Helsinki (I found my new ice cream favorite, rocky road from ingman!❤️)

Of course I've had just some me time and the true holiday spirit as well, like yesterday

skirt - Bikbok, shirt - Bikbok, ballerinas - Vagabond

So now the summer (weather) has actually started also here and I'm gonna take all out of it! I'm leaving to my friends summer cottage in couple of hours and then on the weekend I'm going to Ilosaarirock, another music festival with my godparents family. So I should go packing now (and eat some breakfast, my holiday routines start a little bit later than normally..) , I hope that you're all having an amazing summer!

Love, Anna



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