Monday, 31 March 2014

français & carelian pies

Salut mes cheries,

So back to last week. It was really interesting, which also made it so busy that I got a mental breakdown with lots of tears but yeah, up we go :D Here's my week through iPhone:

On monday I wasn't at school beacause I was playing in an orchestra concert. On Tuesday we french studiers made a trip to the institut français in Helsinki, I really liked to hear native french around me again (last time being the language course last summer) and also just liked the place, I'm definitely going to take the metro there some week to watch a free french movie on wednesday evenings. 

The spring has finally gotten here, I even needed sunglasses!
Sunglasses- Pieces, shirt Veromoda, jeans Zara, scarf Pieces

After the trip and music lessons at school we had a girls' night in at my house, we cooked pizza and taco salad with my dancing team. It was great to spend time with them also outside of practises and performance trips, thought they're fun as well!

On wednesday I had a normal day at school and practises but on Thursday I was off school again, competing versus other schools in a sports event called Taisto. All of our night graders who had extra sports where there, but only me and my three friends had to compete. I did this very stupid mistake when it was my turn to represent our team and I'm still pissed off about it, but otherwise it was a great day!

On Friday then I left to Jyväskylä, where my granddad had his 80th birthday on Saturday. I baked a whitechocolate cheesecake and lemon curd to put between cookies and helped my grandma. It was really nice to see my relatives after such a long time!

My grandma's friend baked the carelian pies (the weird looking bread in the right corner) and they were so good with the eggbutter that I ate maybe twenty!

 On the evening we went to a restaurant called Figaro, the food was delicious and the athmosphere lovely so I really recommend it, but the prices where a bit high for everyday occasions.

Dress- Bikbok, cardigan - Veromoda, ballerinas - Forever 21

On Sunday we saw my other granddad and drove home. I finished the best book I'ce ever read, the Fault in our stars by John Green. Like in the book Hazel thinks about An Imperial Affiction, I feel like it's kind of my thing and my special favourite but it's too good not to recommend to the whole world.

How was your last week? Hopefully it was great and this starting week would be as well!

Love, Anna

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