Sunday, 5 January 2014

Seasons Greetings

Hi Honeys,
Happy New Year!
I hope that your Christmas / holidays went great and that this year has started well! 
My Christmas break was wonderful, Christmas and New Year came way too fast and went way too fast, but were great anyway. In Finland we celebrate Christmas on December 24th, and in my family we have many traditions with my family and grand parents. This year also my aunt and her boyfriend were with us, it was lovely to spend the Christmas Eve with a bit bigger company.
In the morning we ate rice porridge with cinnamon and sugar and also an almond hid in there. I was again the lucky one and got the almond and the wish witch comes with it, sorry sis it's just luck! ;)
There's this TV show for children called "Joulupukin Kuumalinja" which comes every year on Christmas Eve. As long as I've known how to use the phone I've tried to call there to talk to Santa Claus, and cause I've never succeed I'm still trying!
When the show ended, we decorated the Christmas tree with my sister.
On the day we went to Christmas church and continued (the kitchen had been busy the whole day) preparing the Christmas dinner.
There was so much food. Seriously. We couldn't eat it all in three days!

I did the dessert with my grandma, and cause it was her idea I can say that it was delicious! It was really easy, and really good! Here's the recipe if you'd like to try:
When we had finished eating, it was time for the presents! Thank you so much once again for way too much  After opening the presents we played Trivial Pursuit, I just love playing board games with family!

On New Year's my friends from my class just appeared to our door with gingerbread dough and glog and we had an "after Christmas". The evening and the night I spent with my neighbours and my friends from the area, it was a good beginning for this year! In the morning of January 1st - yep, it was a short night- me and my sister went to Helsinki to eat a delicious brunch at our friends.
I also went skating, shopping (too much, luckily the sales in Finland are great) , did school stuff and random walks with friends and by myself and just enjoyed the holiday. Tomorrow I'm going to Vierumäki, a sports center. My parents, cousin, uncle and his wife are also going to be there. On Tuesday school starts again. I'd love to have holiday for couple more weeks, but it's also great to see everyone there.
Have a great weekend!
Love, Anna


  1. it looks like you had an amazing time! The food looks amazing and you are definitely a lucky girl spending time with family and all those pressies! We hope you have a great 2014!

  2. I did, and yep the food was amazing and I feel very lucky! :)
    Thank you and same to you! :)


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