Sunday, 12 January 2014

extreme make over - room edition

How was your weekend?
I met my friends in Helsinki on Friday, on Saturday my friend -who I met at the language course last summer- came to my town and today I did some school work and visited our neighbours. Tomorrow it's back to school again.
I didn't have the time for this post before, but on Christmas break I got a present which I had hoped for many years: I got a new room! Well, it's still the same but with different colors and order. I had been thinking about dark red for a long time and decided that that was the one for me. I wanted something kind off darker and kind off warmer, and I think that this shade fills those requirements pretty well. What do you think?
.. & after

My book shelf, poster from France, VS bag for things and my Christmas box (yep, still there)

I got both the glass box (with notes to bring happiness written by my mom) and the thing for make-ups etc as a Christmas present from my mom

Details on my desk

my "inspirational gallery" behind my door
Some of my jewellery
(sorry about the random shadow?)
Have a great week everyone!
Love, Anna


  1. Lovely room :)


  2. upee huone sulla! muutenkin tosi kiva blogi :)

    1. Voi kiitos paljon! :) Vitsi huomasin tänkin kommentin vasta tälleen reilu vuosi jälkikäteen xD


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