Saturday, 8 February 2014

travel diary


Que tal? I hope you're doing fine!

I came back from Spain last weekend, this week has gone pretty much with catching up with school. Going back to normal was a bit of strange, but it was great to see my class again (especially now since we know we're going to go separate ways in less than 6 months, we're actually realising it and trying to take the best out of the last months together). Still I'd like to go back though..

we started the trip in Alicante with the most Spanish food, paella

palm trees ♥
shirt - Only, gardigan - Veromoda, trousers - Veromoda, shoes- Converse, sunglasses - Pieces, bag - Michael Kors

the first day was sunny and really warm, but the water still too cold to swim in

hahaa the basic best friend pic

trying on the best sunglasses with the best people
my friend found these eye-cooler/wrinkle remover things in Ale-hop :D

we took a taxi to Cartagena on Tuesday evening.
On Wednesday we showed our power points and energy videos, and then saw a maritime museum, the town's shopping street and world's first submarine. In the pic is the town hall of Cartagena

here's us Finns with our hosts, we were all really lucky to have such an amazing & warm hearted people hosting us!

my new Italian, Spanish and finish friends on Wednesday evening on our way to the castle of Cartagena

Cartagena & the theatre from the Roman ages
our hosts took us to a local churreria, the churros were so yummy!


with Alba, my host sister ♥
we spent Thursday in Murcia, visiting the cathedral and the clock tower and just wondering around the town

it was a school trip so of course we had to do some presentations etc, as well, so we spend Friday at the school. We finished the working day with singing Some Nights as a thank you for the amazing week

after school we went shopping (for example Primark, which is heaven for as Finns cause we don't have it in Finland) and later for dinner and then to some kind of a bar. Here's our Finish group with our new Italian friend

Alba's aunt & cousin took me to the beach of Cartagena on the last day



Here's the whole gang. The project included students and teachers from Italy, Holland, Turkey, Germany, Finland & Spain

We had an amazing week with amazing people, enjoying the sun and the town. We made so lovely new friends who I hope to stay in touch with still after many years!

 How was your week?
Love, Anna


  1. Lovely post!

  2. Lovely photos! The food looks so yummy!


  3. I am so happy you enjoyed Spain, I'm from there =)

    1. Oh yes I did, I love your country!

  4. amazing pictures dear! i bet you had tons of fun <3

    Letters To Juliet

  5. Thank you! I did, thanks! :)


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