Monday, 2 December 2013

monday mornings on my mind

Hi guys,
 How are you? I hope that your December has started well! And I hope that you have an advent calendar, I know I'm enjoying mine, and I know that no one's too old for any Christmas traditions!
As usual, I have a lot on my mind, and the Christmas presents are becoming a big thing on my list! But I love giving presents and even thought it's some times really hard, I love the search of the perfect gifts for the people you care about! I'm so looking forward to Christmas, and Christmas break is so needed too..
The best gingerbreads and this year's first mice pies
My grandparents visited us couple weeks ago, so us girls went to the shopping mall, I found these shirts from Stockmann's Veromoda department
I had accidently a Veromoda day, everything is from there

I love the lace detail in the black of the shirt
The bracelet I got from a Turkish teacher couple years ago when I was in Turkey on kind of a school trip
Details , a.k.a
a souvenir from my parents from Greece
my basic everyday earrings &
something sparkling in my nails

Have a great week!
Love, Anna


  1. Gingerbread looks delicious!)

    1. They really are the best not hand made gingerbreads!

  2. The Cookies looks so yummy!!!


  3. beautiful blog! maybe we can follow each other?

    welcome :)


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